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Who we are

Lakeshore Affordable Housing Advocacy & Action Group (LAHAAG) is a grassroots resident-led coalition and includes service providers and community organizers working towards housing justice and housing equity in South Etobicoke. We have been engaged in community development work around housing issues for over three years.

Our Mission

The Lakeshore Affordable Housing Advocacy & Action Group’s mission is to support our neighbourhoods to locate, protect and develop safe, secure affordable housing.

What we do

Since 2018, LAHAAG has advocated, collaborated and engaged the South Etobicoke community in topics around affordable housing. Some of the key issues raised by community members are evictions, overcrowding, state of repair, affordability, and community displacement.

Our key focuses are to increase community engagement and participation in local housing issues, educate and empower community members to exercise their housing rights, as well as encourage engagement in planning processes for affordable housing advocacy.

Our work to date has included holding monthly community consultations, housing rights education workshops, meeting with our communities’ political representatives and deputations at City planning meetings. 

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